Our Research

climes research is organized around three overarching themes, each targeting key knowledge gaps:


Data Development: We compile improved, freely accessible climate impact data for scientific and policy use, utilizing advanced natural language processing techniques for automated information extraction.

Impact Analysis: We unravel the complex interplay between the physical characteristics of climate extremes and societal responses, using interdisciplinary approaches to dissect the genesis of impacts.

Scenario Building: We develop socio-physical scenarios of future extreme events, accounting for societal and adaptation processes to aid in policy formulation and resilience building.

Researcher Profiles

Sanja Duvnjak Žarković

Postdoctoral researcher at Uppsala University’s Department of Earth Sciences. She completed her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, specializing in power systems, particularly Security of Supply. Sanja’s expertise includes mathematical optimization, data analysis, machine learning, and reliability analysis in power systems.


Her current research focuses on the impacts of extreme weather on power systems and their societal implications. She aims to enhance the resilience and security of these critical infrastructures by integrating security of supply concepts into broader power system resilience frameworks.


Research focus: Impacts of extreme weather on power systems and societal dependencies, aiming to improve resilience and security.

Murathan Kurfalı

Postdoctoral researcher at RISE, specializing in natural language processing. Murathan holds a Ph.D. in Computational Linguistics from Stockholm University, with his research covering areas such as multilingual discourse analysis, evaluation of language models across languages, and computational analysis of textual corpora to gain insights into human perception.


During his post-doc at the climes project, Murathan applies natural language processing techniques to large datasets (e.g., news, articles, reports) to explore the impacts of climate change. His work focuses on mining data related to climate-related disasters and societal impacts, as well as analyzing how perceptions and discussions of climate change evolve over time.


Research focus: Improving language models for diverse linguistic applications, with a particular emphasis on developing computational tools for analyzing multilingual texts.