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climes is dedicated to advancing the understanding of the impacts of climate extremes through interdisciplinary research and dialogue. Our series of seminars are designed to disseminate knowledge, foster collaboration, and stimulate discussions that drive action.

  • Expert Insights: Gain access to research and expert opinions from renowned scientists, policymakers, and practitioners from around the globe.
  • Interdisciplinary Approach: Our events cover a range of topics intersecting physical, medical, social, and engineering sciences, reflecting the complex nature of climate impacts.
  • Engagement: Each session provides opportunities for live interaction, offering Q&A sessions with speakers to allow participants to engage directly with leading experts.
  • Accessibility: We are committed to accessibility and inclusion, providing free access to our webinars and seminars to a global audience.

30 May 2024, 15.00-16.00

Vector Borne Infections in Changing Climate


  • A session with Professor Carlo Torti from the Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Rome, as he explores the critical intersections between climate change and vector-borne diseases in Europe. 
  • This webinar is co-organized by climes and the Karolinska Institute’s Department of Global Public Health.

Key Topics

  • Impact of climate change on disease vectors
  • Emerging trends in vector-borne diseases in Europe
  • Adaptive strategies for public health


  • Carlo Torti, Professor of Infectious Diseases. View Bio
  • Carlo Torti is currently working on molecular surveillance of tropical and neglected infectious diseases, focusing on host pathogen interactions and on evolutionary mechanisms underlying the pandemic potentials of emerging pathogens.
  • Moderators:
    Elena Raffetti from climes, Karolinska Institutet, Uppsala University and University of Cambridge.
    Maurizio Mazzoleni from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Karolinska Institutet


  • Discussions: Gain insights from leading experts about the challenges and solutions at the intersection of climate change and health.
  • Interactive Q&A: Engage with our speakers through a live Q&A session.
  • Networking Opportunity: Connect with like-minded professionals and academics interested in climate impacts and public health.


  • This webinar will be exploring the impact of climate change on vector-borne diseases in Europe. Hosted by climes in collaboration with the Karolinska Institute’s Department of Global Public Health, this event features renowned infectious disease expert, Professor Carlo Torti.
  • As climate patterns shift, so too do the behaviors and distribution of disease vectors like mosquitoes and ticks, leading to new health challenges. In this session, Professor Torti will discuss the latest research findings on how changing climates are influencing the spread of infectious diseases across Europe. He will delve into emerging trends, the resulting public health implications, and the strategies needed to adapt to these changes.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to engage directly with Professor Torti during a live Q&A session, gaining deeper insights into the intersection of climate change and public health.
  • Whether you’re a researcher, healthcare professional, or simply keen on understanding the nexus between our environment and health, this webinar will equip you with essential knowledge and perspectives to better understand and address the challenges posed by climate-induced changes in disease patterns.


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